Chris Pitsiokos' Partial Discography

I have made a lot of them. I am not sure how many records I appear on, but the below is a comprehensive (I think) list of albums I am leader or co-leader of. Many of them are available on my bandcamp page. Most of the others can probably be found after a quick internet search. A handful of them, including all made 2015 or before, are totally sold out and really hard to track down, but they still exist in digital form online.

Discography (only as leader/co-leader)
Unplanned Obsolescence (duo with Weasel Walter)
Maximalism (trio with Ron Anderson and Weasel Walter)
Drawn and Quartered (duo with Weasel Walter)
Oblivion/Ecstasy (solo)
Paroxysm (duo with Philip White)
Gordian Twine (Chris Pitsiokos trio)
One Eye with a Microscope Attached (Chris Pitsiokos Quartet)
Protean Reality (trio with Noah Punkt and Philipp Scholz)
Before the Heat Death (CP Unit)
Valentine’s Day (solo)
Live 2012: Faint Praise (with Bob Crusoe)
Child of Illusion (trio with Susana Santos Silva and Torbjorn Zetterberg)
Stomiidae (trio with Daniel Levin and Brandon Seabrook)
Collapse (duo with Philip White)
Silver Bullet in the Autumn of Your Years (CP Unit)
One Foot on the Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown (CP Unit)
Riding Photon Time (CP Unit)
Live in Florence (duo with Otomo Yoshihide)
Speak in Tongues and Hope for the Gift of Interpretation (solo)
Field of Materials (trio with Joe Morris and Mike Pride)
First Blush (trio with Kevin Murray and Javier Areal Velez)
Glacial Erratic (trio with Joe Morris and Kevin Murray)
Aswoon (solo)
Carny Cant (solo, also featuring Jason Nazary and Rick Eye)
Space 1 (trio with Farida Amadou and Steve Noble
Uanmortaim (duo with Violeta Garcia)
Heisse Scheisse (with Strictly Missionary)
Milquetoast (solo)
Khimaira (Child of Illusion - trio with Torbjorn Zetterberg and Susana Santos Silva)
Art of the Alto (solo)
Combination Locks (various through-composed works for keyboards and strings)
Two Live Solos