LONDON January 24th-27th 2018
Collaborations with Kikanju Baku TBA

January 30th, 2018: duo with Henry Fraser at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, NY

Nate Wooley Quartet USA Tour

2/4: Spectrum Festival in Brooklyn, NY
2/8; Vital Joint in Brooklyn, NY
2/9 Sugar Maple, Milwaukee
2/10 Performance Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, IL
2/11Hang at ESS in Chicago
2/12 New Ghosts in Cleveland, OH
2/20 Rhizome in Washington, DC
2/22 H0L0 in Brooklyn, NY

MORE TBA on this!

February 7th, 2018: Quartet with Kevin Shea, Nicola Hein and Tim Dahl at 49 Shade

Duo Euro Tour with Otomo Yoshihide we will play solos and duos
May 24th Instants Chavires / Paris
25th Cafe Oto /London
27th Sobre o Porto/Porto
29th Club ZDB/Lisbon
30th Florence


January 3rd, 2018: Trio with Tim Dahl and Kevin Shea at Muchmore's in Brooklyn, NY
December 26th, 2017: Trio with Tim Dahl and Makigami Koichi at the Stone in New York, NY


Scandinavia Solo Tour

12/15: Malmo, Sweden at Galleri Ping Pong
12/16: Aalborg, Denmark at Danish Vaishyas
12/17: Toftlund, Denmark
12/18: Copenhagen, Denmark at 5e
12/22: Stockholm, Sweden at Patons Malmgard, also with Susana Santos Silva and Torbjorn Zetterberg


December 10th, 2017: Solo and Duo with Otomo Yoshihide at 49 Shade in Brooklyn, NY

December 8th, 2017: with Rodenticide at the Glove

December 4th, 2017: SOLO and with Gerald Cleaver at Downtown Music Gallery, in New York, NY

November 17th, 2017: with Sandy Ewen at Mirror Tea House in Brooklyn, NY

October 23rd, 2017: with Daniel Levin at the Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn, NY


Sax Quartet October 2017Danish/German tour with Matt Nelson, Louise Jensen and Tamio Shiraishi

10/4: Tøjhuset Concert plus workshop, Fredericia, DK
10/5: Studenterhuset, Aalborg, DK
10/6: Toftlund Lydfest, Toftlund, DK
10/7: Flensburg, Germany
10/8: TBA
10/9: Mandagsklubben at 5E, Copenhagen, DK


JAPAN September 2017Tour - solo shows, performances with Hikashu, Tatsuya Yoshida, and Otomo Yoshihide

9/17: SOLO and with Hikashu at Jazz Art Sengawa Festival in Tokyo
9/18 mon. shizuoka FREAKY SHOW (with Tatsuya)
9/19 tue.  nagoya NANYA (with Tatsuya and Sax Ruins)
9/20 wed. osaka Studio T-BONE (with Tatsuya)
9/21 thu.  wakayama MOMENT  (with Tatsuya)
9/22 fri.   takamatsu TOO NICE (with Tatsuya)
9/23 sat. matsuyama HOSHIZORA JET (with Tatsuya)
9/24 sun. fukuyama BOOM BOOM BAR (with Tatsuya)
9/25 mon. kobe BIG APPLE (with Tatsuya)
9/26 tue. sapporo PROVO (with Otomo Yoshihide)
9/27 wed. sapporo KUU (with Otomo Yoshihide)
9/28 thu. chiba CANDY (with Tatsuya)
9/29 fri. tokyo BAR ISSHEE (Solo sax)
9/30 sat. tokyo GOODMAN (with Tatsuya)
(with Yoshida, Junji Hirose, Jojo Hiroshige, Suga Dairo)


September 12th, 2017: at El Barrio in New York, NY

September 4th, 2017: with Sam Lisabeth at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, NY

August 17th, 2017: SOLO and with Michael Zerang and Jim Baker at Elastic Arts in Chicago, IL

August 13th, 2017: SOLO at Downtown Music Gallery in New York, NY

July 30th, 2017: Cutout Lover at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn, NY

July 10th, 2017: SOLO at Copenhagen Jazz Festival in Denmark

July 1st, 2017: with Nate Wooley Quartet at Ljubljana Jazz Festival in Slovenia

June 30th, 2017: CP Unit at Ljubljana Jazz Festival in Slovenia

June 28th, 2017: CP Unit at Neue Schachtel in Hannover, Germany

June 27th, 2017: CP Unit in Wurzberg, Germany

June 24th, 2017: CP Unit at Oberdeck in Hannover, Germany

June 17th, 2017: SOLO at Gallery 21 in Malmo, Sweden

June 12th, 2017: CP Unit at the Glove in Brooklyn, NY

June 10th, 2017: Nate Wooley Quartet at 49 Shade in Brooklyn, NY

June 9th, 2017: with Rodenticide at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY

June 4th, 2017: with Joe Morris at the Stone in New York, NY

June 2nd, 2017: SOLO and with Miya Masaoka at ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn, NY

May 24th, 2017: with Rodenticide at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY

May 8th, 2017: with CP Unit at Muchmore's in Brooklyn, NY