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Young Chris Pitsiokos

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September 21: with Rieko Okuda, Axel Dörner and Asger Thomsen at Café Plume in Berlin

October 6: with Francesco Canavese at Tempo Reale in Florence, Italy


La Pampa Tour (CP, Tizia Zimmermann, Violeta Garcia, Jasper Stadhouders)

October 8: Mullbau, Luzern, Switzerland

October 10: Mysterioso, Zürich, Switzerland

October 11: Cologne, Germany

October 12: Koffie & Ambacht, Rotterdam, Netherlands

October 13: POM, Eindhoven, Netherlands

October 14: De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 15: Blackbox, Münster, Germany

October 16: Berlin, Germany venue TBA


October 20: duo with Tizia Zimmermann in Zurich, Switzerland

October 22: with Francesco Canavese at Area Sismica in Forli, Italy

November 2: With ROKC Music, IG Jazz Stuttgart, Germany

February 27-March 5: Mexico dates TBA

March 23: duo with Violeta Garcia at Free Jazz Festival Saarbrücken, Germany

March 24-April 2, April 6-April 15: Irrational Rhythms and Shifting Poles Release Tour, dates TBA


September 21: Trio with Rieko Okuda and Asger Thomsen

September 15: Trio with Antti Virtaranta and Emilio Gordoa in Düsseldorf, Germany

September 14: Trio with Antti Virtaranta and Emilio Gordoa in Moers, Germany

September 13: Trio with Antti Virtaranta and Rieko Okuda at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

August 23: Light Exciter by Markus Krispell, at the Apartment Project, Berlin

August 19: ROKC Music at Saalfelden Festival in Austria

CP Unit Tour

July 26: Golya in Budapest, Hungary

July 27: Klub Gromka in Ljubljana, Slovenia

July 28: Nova Gorica, Slovenia

July 29: Jazzhochburg Kärnten in Gmünd, Austria


July 17: duo with Tizia Zimmermann at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn

July 16: duo with Ben Bennett at Record Shop in Brooklyn

July 15: duo with Ben Bennett at Grey Matter Books in New Haven, Connecticut

July 13: duo with Ben Bennett at Red Ink in Providence, RI

July 3: trio with Kyle Motl and Chris Corsano at Record Shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn

June 22: with Tizia Zimmermann at Record Shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn

June 18: SOLO at Petersburg Art Space in Berlin

June 7: duo with Pablo Lienhard at 3ster in Berlin

May 31: CP Unit at the Stubnitz in Hamburg, Germany


May 18: Cerkno Jazz Festival in Slovenia, 21:00

May 19: Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade, Serbia

May 20: Walter Werkplaats, Brussels, Belgium, 20:00

May 21: La Malterie, Lille, France, 18:00

May 22: Café Oto, London, UK, 20:00

May 23: Les Instants Chavirés, Paris, France

May 24: Jazz a Poitiers, Poitiers, France (venue Confort Moderne), 21.00

May 25: Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland

May 26: Much-needed rest

May 27: Fragment, Metz, France


May 17: with CP Unit at 3xter in Berlin, Germany


German Tour with ROKC Music

May 3, Fat Jazz, Hamburg

May 5: Güterschuppen, Westerstede

May 6: Loft, Cologne

May 7: Dumont, Aachen

May 10: Loch, Wuppertal

May 11: West Germany, Berlin

May 12: Kulturbahnhof, Kalchreuth

May 13: Wendlandjazz, Gedelitz


May 1: with Binder, Fragenheim, Allbee, Marien at Studio Boerne in Berlin

April 23: Duo with Ben Bennett at PAS in Berlin

March 31: Irrational Rhythms and Shifting Poles (SOLO) at Statue, in Brooklyn

March 13: Duo with Ben Bennett at Rhizome in Washington, DC

March 12: Trio with Sandy Ewen and Ben Bennett at Century in Philadelphia

March 11: Quartet with Sandy Ewen, Elias Stemeseder and Nick Neuburg at Record Shop in Brooklyn

March 8: Trio with Joe Morris and Kevin Murray at SHIFT in Brooklyn

March 4: with TBA at the Record Shop in Brooklyn

February 17: duo with Tizia Zimmermann at Moods in Zurich


Little Tour in Portugal:

February 11: Solo at Sonoscopia in Porto

February 14: Trio with Luis Vicente and Joao Carreiro in Coimbra

February 15: TBA

February 16: Solo at Penha Sco in Lisboa (Also I will be teaching a class during the afternoon; contact me for details)


February 4: SOLO, "Irrational Rhythms and Shifting Poles" (for alto saxophone and 4-channel electronics) at KM28 in Berlin


December 30: CP Unit at Peppi Guggenheim in Berlin, Germany

November 17: solo in Bonn, Germany

November 15: solo at POM in Eindhoven, Netherlands

November 14: solo at Pintotonics in Amsterdam, Belgium

November 12: solo at Koffie & Ambacht in Rotterdam, Netherlands

November 11: solo for Doxa Esta in Paris

November 9: solo at Schönegg in Zurich Switzerland

November 6-8: More solo dates to be announced

November 5: solo at Area Sismica in Forli, Italy

November 4: solo and with Violeta Garcia in Baden, Switzerland

October 30: with CP Unit at IndustrieSalon in Schöneweide (presented by Jazzkeller 69), in Berlin

October 20: with Keisuke Matsuno and Oli Steidle at Donau 115 in Berlin

October 4: in Graz, Austria

October 3: Solo in Ljubljana, Slovenia

October 2: in Bistric Ab Sotli in Slovenia

October 1: Solo and with ensemble in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

September 30: Solo in Vrhnika, Slovenia

September 28-29: ImproMonday Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

September 27: with Otomo Yoshihide and Tony Buck at Blow Out! in Oslo, Norway

September 26: with Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Onno Govaert, and Jasper Stadhouders (different configurations) at OCCII in Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 22: with Otomo Yoshihide, Tizia Zimmermann and Emilio Gordoa at KM28 in Berlin

September 21: Duo with Otomo Yoshihide at KM28 in Berlin

September 5: trio with Antti Virtaranta and Marina Dzukljev at Kühlspot in Berlin

September 2: trio with Carlos Quebrada and Mauricio Takara at Sowieso in Berlin

September 1: duo with Sofia Borges at Sowieso in Berlin

August 31: Solo at Fri Form in Trondheim, Norway

August 26-28: Multiversal Summer Retreat in Besancon, France

August 24: "Chris Pitsiokos and the Mulhouse Ensemble" at Meteo Mulhouse Festival in Muhouse, France

July 8: with Rowk Music (CP, Kalle Kalima, Ronny Graupe and Oli Steidle) in Berlin as part of Jazzwoche

June 29: with Jasper Stadhouders, John Dikeman and Luca Marini at Sowieso in Berlin

June 23: with Tony Elieh, Tony Buck and Sharif Sehnaoui at Trixter in BerlinJune 11: with Keisuke Matsuno and Oli Steidle at Sowieso in Berlin

June 7: with CLCJ at KM28 in Berlin

June 6: duo with Violeta Garcia at Moers Festival in Germany (rodelberg)

June 5: TBA saxophone quartet at Moers Festival in Germany (festival hall)

June 4: with CLCJ at Moers Festival in Germany (festival hall)

June 2: with Violeta Garcia at Sowieso

May 24: with Bradley Eros and Lele Dai at the Broadway in Brooklyn

May 21: solo in Brooklyn, NY (Dahl's studio in Sunset Park)

May 14: with CLCJ in Ottawa at IMOO

May 13: with CLCJ (Chris Williams, CP, Luke Stewart, Jason Nazary) in Toronto

May 8: with Rieko Okuda, Tomaz Grom and Eliad Wagner at Kuhlspot in Berlin

April 19: with Marina Dzukljev, Marcello Busato, Felix Henkelhausen and Jasper Stadhouders at Au Topsi Pohl, in Berlin

April 14: trio with Emilio Gordoa and Antti Virtaranta at Sowieso in Berlin

March 28: various configurations at Graz Impro Klub in Graz, Austria

March 27: SOLO at !nterpenetration in Graz, Austria

March 26: DUO with Violeta Garcia in Bern, Switzerland

March 24: duo with Julien Desprez at Le Citizen in Paris, France

Residency at Au Topsi Pohl in Berlin, Germany: March 8-12


March 8: Two Solos: Chris Pitsiokos and Mazen Kerbaj

March 9: Solo Solo Duo: Chris Pitsiokos and Axel Dorner

March 10: Sofia Salvo Solo and Chris Pitsiokos/Tim Dahl/Lukas Koenig Trio

March 11: CP/Carina Khorkhordina/Eric Bauer

March 12: CP/Antti Virtaranta/Emilio Gordoa


March 3, 2022: SOLO at TIASCI in Paris, France

March 2, 2022: Duo with Timothee Quost at Le Citizen in Paris, France

February 26, 2022: "Chris Pitsiokos and the Mulhouse Ensemble" in Novara, Italy (Novara Jazz)

February 25, 2022: SOLO, at Tempo Reale in Florence, Italy

February 11, 2022: with Oli Steidle, Dan Peter Sundland and TBA at Au Topsi Pohl [canceled due to covid]

February 3, 2022: SOLO at Petersburg Artspace in Berlin

February 2, 2022: duo with Lorena at Loophole in Berlin

January 22, 2022: with Emilio Gordoa at Sowieso in Berlin, Germany

January 21, 2022: with Oliver Steidle and Dan Nichols at Sowieso in Berlin, Germany

January 20, 2022: SOLO at Interpenetration in Graz, Austria (Postponed DUE TO COVID)